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Harald von Scharfenberg
About Us

Founded by Harald von Scharfenberg in 1976, BVT specializes in the conception, planning and administration of investments for both individual and institutional investors. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, BVT offers investors unique opportunities to participate in alternative equity investments, real estate and renewable energy. Since our inception, the company has originated 170 closed-end funds with a total volume in excess of €/$5.2 billion. Our alternative equity strategies include the BVT Private Equity Global Fund Series, BVT Life Bond Series, BVT Games Production Series and the Top Select Fund. Our real estate funds invest in properties in both Germany and the United States, while our renewable energy investments include wind parks and energy efficient power plants. In each of our funds, BVT seeks to deliver attractive returns to our clients with a disciplined approach to risk management.

Throughout our history, BVT has been an active investor in US real estate. We have completed over 76 real estate offerings - investing approximately $609 million in equity. Our total investment volume exceeds $1.8 billion. The US office, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, identifies attractive properties to acquire or joint venture, then collaborates with the marketing and investor relations staff in Munich to offer high quality US real estate investments to our clients. To maximize returns and provide a full range of investment services, BVT manages all aspects of the investment process including due diligence, documentation, asset and property management, leasing, dispositions and tax preparation services.

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US Headquarters
400 Interstate North Parkway, Suite 700   Atlanta, GA 30339
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